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Frederick-Douglass Knowles II is an Educator and Activist fervent in achieving community augmentation through literary arts. He is a Professor of English at Three Rivers Community College in his native city of Norwich, CT and the inaugural Poet Laureate of Hartford. He is the recipient of the Nutmeg Poetry Award and the Connecticut of The Arts Fellow in Artist Excellence for Poetry/ Creative Non-Fiction. Knowles is a Pushcart Prize nominee and the author of BlackRoseCity.


























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Imagine a young poetic voice that is powerful, yet fearful. It fears that no one wants to hear about its innermost vulnerabilities due to a cultural absence of empathy. Or a powerful young voice that is fully aware of its magnitude, but unaware of how to articulate its experience utilizing literary techniques designed to amplify its story. Now imagine those same voices expressing themselves to the heartfelt rhythm of #BeatLit.




#BeatLit illustrates an interactive, creative writing campaign designed to amalgamate the literary and performing art of poetry.  #BeatLit combines the element of active reading with generative creative writing exercises to compose literary and/or performance poetry in order to improve the competency and confidence of aspiring writers. 




#BeatLit establishes working relationships with local schools, libraries, community organizations and institutions, as well as, artistic venues throughout Greater Hartford to encourage young writers to achieve their literary dreams.











Spring 2023 Tour



1.  Manifest Your Beauty. Weds. April 5th 3-7pm. Vu Bar. Hartford, CT.

2.  High School in the Community. Thurs. April 6th. 7:30 am. New Haven, CT.

3.  Earth Day Webinar. Fri. April 21st. 10 am, City of Hartford Office of Sustainability. Hartford, CT.

4.  Harris Sister Month. Sat. April 29th. 11am. Otis Library. Norwich, CT.

5.  Juneteenth. Sat. June 17th. 10:30 am. Burnt Hill Park. Hebron, CT.


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